Clemson Institute of Supply Chain Optimization & Logistics - CISCOL

Mark McElreath

Mark is a Ph.D candidate in Clemson's industrial engineering department, and works under the supervision of Dr. Maria Mayorga. Marks interests include modeling and optimization of Service Enterprises, with a special interest in highly stochastic and computational problems. Some of marks previous research focused on logistical issues in Michelin's next generation tire distribution system. Some of his current work considers inventory issues as he uses metaheuristics two work on an assortment problem with multiple product quality levels. Concurrently, he is also using queuing theory to develop a locational queuing model that incorporates the parameter of customer choice.

Mark is a longtime member of the professional organizations IIE and informs. He recently was awarded the IIE Best Paper Award for two of his submissions: "Modeling Confusion: A Model-Based Approach to Customer Queue Selection" and "Optimal Attributes of Mixed Quality Assortments."