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Clemson and SPAWAR work to streamline quality control

December 30, 2007

CHARLESTON - New research partnership between Clemson and SPAWAR is aiming to reduce management in quality tool selection. SPAWAR and Clemson are teaming on a project related to Six Sigma. In particular, the team is developing a methodology to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of implementing Six Sigma and a computer-based tool to assist project managers at SPAWAR who are not experts Six Sigma to select the tools that are most likely to have a positive impact on their project.

A common challenge for employees that are newly trained in Six Sigma methodologies is to apply knowledge learned in training to actual production or service applications. The individual tools may be clearly understood, selecting the appropriate or most effective tool once given a task in a production or service environment can be difficult. The goal of this project is to help aid the user through the Six Sigma process and identify appropriate tools for a given situation.

This web-based tool will guide the user through the Six Sigma Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) phases. The tool will allow the user to begin a new project and then present a series of questions designed to point the user at the appropriate tool based on the conditions of their specific project as well as how much progress they have made. When a question points the user to a tool, the user is presented with information about the specific tool they need. Next the user will be presented more information about how to complete the suggested tool or references to seek additional information. Once the user completes the tool required to continue progress on the project, they can log back in the web-based tool and continue along the DMAIC methodology. After completing all required tools to identify the failure, cause of the failure, solution, and implementation, the web-based tool will keep track of projects in the control phase to ensure sustainable measure. The user can check on their projects in the control phase and input measurement data directly to view charts or appropriate reports.