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Message from the Director

Dr. Bill Ferrell Welcome!

Transitions in the American economy are placing an extreme premium on companies to have an efficient and effective supply chain, regardless of the product or service being offered. In the October 7, 2003 issue of Business Wire, it was reported that Deloitte had conducted a survey of 600 companies in 22 countries around the world relative to financial performance and supply chain management. The results were that only 7% effectively managed their supply chain but these 7% had 73% greater profit margins. Further, the article reports that the critical differentiating factors in the successful companies were:

1) more complete collaboration with customers,
2) better management of products including mass customization and shorter time to market, and
3) implementation of advanced technology to better control the entire supply chain both strategically and tactically.

The April 1999 issue of Management Review reported that “the design of the supply chain is the key factor that will determine whether or not a company will survive, let alone whether it will maintain a competitive advantage.” Finally, a survey of 142 companies by Computer Sciences Corporation indicated that “three out of four respondents said their CEO considers supply chain management to be a source of competitive advantage” yet “less than 17% said their supply chain was aligned with their corporate strategy.” (Newswire, October 29, 2003)

There are a number of faculty members across the Clemson campus who are doing exciting things relative to the supply chain from research to educational programs and everything in between. The goal of this web site is to provide you with a portal that will allow you to see some of these activities and make contact with the men and women who are doing this splendid work. My colleagues and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Best regards,


Bill Ferrell

Director of Clemson Supply Chain Resource