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Clemson Institute of Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics offers numerous benefits to be encashed.

  1. CISCOL Research (Members only access):
  2. Get access to the ongoing "Research projects" in Supply chain in some of the esteemed partners of CISCOL.

    Browse through some of the "Research papers" from the past to the current published.

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  4. Get the advantage of "E-learning" benefits from the Online tutorials just to hone your knowledge, skills and expertise in Supply chain.

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  6. Our program houses a number of supply chain oriented organizations designed to help local industries and universities through research, collaboration and real-world problem solving like Center for Engineering Logistics and Distribution (CLEDi) and Research Center for Economic Excellence (RCEE).

    Take a look at what we’re doing and see how you can become a part of our cutting edge supply chain solutions.